Our Summer Sponsor -A- Thon

To celebrate and encourage a lifelong love of activities at home and at school, we will be running a sponsor-a-thon during the school’s summer holidays.

We are asking children to take on a challenge to gain sponsors, any time during the summer holidays and over as many days as they would like with a family member within their bubble. It could be anything from hopping 100 times in your garden, reading 10 books, doing a 5k walk, cycle or swim to running around the park 10 times. The choice is theirs.

See if they can raise £10 from family and friends. Better still, can they raise a little more? Funds raised from the sponsor-a-thon will impact massively on the opportunities and experiences of all the children at St Aidan’s school especially in these hard times when we are unable to hold events to fund raise. Please support our Summer Sponsor-a-thon. Click on the below link to download the Summer Sponsor-a-thon proforma.

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