Our Aims

• Develop effective relationships between parents/carers, teachers and others associated with our school
• Raise money to support and enhance facilities not covered in the school budget
• Support and promote the values and ethos of the school
• Provide opportunities to interact and socialise through fundraising events
• Develop links with our local community

PTA Members

Along with the teaching staff, all parents/carers/guardians are automatically enrolled as members of the PTA when their child joins the school – your voice counts! The Committee is elected by its members annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and are responsible for decisions related to the Association and its funds.

Details of the current Committee Members can be found here.


The PTA Committee aims to meet monthly with additional meetings for fundraising and event planning scheduled as required.  Details of all our planned meetings are published in our calendar.

How do we spend the money raised?

Money raised by the PTA is reinvested into the school and used to enhance our children’s learning and experiences. We work with the teachers and children, through the School Council, to identify facilities, equipment and support required that is above and beyond those provided by the school budget. All requests are presented to the PTA Committee for review and approval.

The PTA funded the Outdoor Learning Environment at the front of school. This is a project of which we are very proud and you can find out more about it here.

We have also provided funds for dictionaries, lab coats, sports equipment, playground equipment and purchased gifts for the Year 5 leavers. As well as arranging and funding a travelling pantomime.

During the 2018-19 academic year, we have committed funds for outdoor musical instruments thanks to the kind support of the Co-op Community Fund.

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