PTA Committee | Volunteer Network

PTA Committee

President – Rev Evelyne Barrow (Headteacher)

St Aidan’s PTA promotes closer links between home and school and enriches our children’s experience of education. The PTA is an important resource and provides funds to improve the facilities and resources which the school budget is unable to meet. The fundraising events are a great opportunity for everyone connected to the school to get together and enjoy themselves.

Chair – TBC

We currently have a vacancy for a chairperson. If you are interested in this role, please contact a member of the PTA Committee.

Treasurer – Frances Thornton 

I became involved in the PTA around Christmas 2012 when my son was in Reception (he has now moved on to Middle School) and I’ve never looked back. I love helping out at events and seeing the children enjoy themselves at discos and film nights etc. Skelmanthorpe is a fantastic village with a wonderful community feel and I have tried to make the PTA grow to become an integral part of that community.

Secretary – Nicky Robinson

I had volunteered at a couple of events such as film nights, the Spring Fair and of course Frozen Fridays before starting to attend meetings in September 2015. I enjoy being a part of things and helping to organise events. I have recently become the Secretary which I enjoy.
I have two children at the school. The kids really have fun at the events and this is the reason I volunteer. Plus the events (and meetings) give you a chance to get together with other parents.

Committee Member – Miss Helen Ford (Reception Teacher)

I have worked at St Aidan’s first school for over ten years now, training as a student here, working in Reception class and building links with the parents and community of Skelmanthorpe. I work closely with the feeder nurseries, run ‘play-ins’ for new families starting at school and work closely with parents to ensure that their children have the best start to their education. I am always striving to make links with the local community – the church, the library, the fire station, the police and local people. Working in partnership with others can result in higher achievers. St. Aidan’s and Mrs Barrow promote that team work ethic and staff morale is extremely high due to this ethos of supporting each other. I feel the PTA has really embraced this ethos and becoming a parent of St Aidan’s school has enabled me to truly see the hard work and achievements of this group of individuals. I would like to offer my support in bringing the community, the school and parents together to really make St Aidan’s a ‘stand out’ school where the whole child is embraced and children can see school as a fun place to learn.

Committee Member – Jo Spitzkowski

More information to follow.

Volunteer Network

We are always looking to increase participation from our volunteer network, to bring new insights, energy and fun to the team

The PTA’s success relies on your continual help and support!

There are a variety of ways you can help and be involved – from event planning, helping with communications – promoting events, designing a poster –  to helping out on the day at our events. Giving up some of your time to help the PTA is invaluable.

We are also looking for volunteers who work for an organisation that may be able to sponsor an event or provide matched funding.  Please do let us know if you can help us.

Please don’t think you need to be involved with all PTA activities and every event, you can pick and choose what fits around your commitments. All offers of help are always greatly appreciated.

Please come and have a chat with one of our committee members and discuss how you may be able to help or please contact us here.